Poor attitudes in the west will stop insects being food.

Insects are unlikely to become a viable solution to feeding the increasing global population if western attitudes towards them remain negative, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN.

A decline in meat supply and a rise in demand for it would spur food business to look for alternative proteins as the global population reached a predicted 9 billion by 2050.

” The answer (to feeding the World) could be insects, which are already being eaten in many parts of the World by an estimated 2 billion people”, a spokesperson claimed.

However, the most obvious challenge to insects becoming a viable food source for the future was the negative attitudes towards eating insects in western cultures, which has to change. Insects are of nutritional value being high in protein, minerals and vitamins, while also a healthier alternative to fattier meat. Another benefit is the fact that they are relatively low cost to farm, compared to traditional agricultural methods and, therefore, could also provide an income for emerging market consumers.