TACCP & VACCP Training

With the changes in the new BRC Standard-Version 8 and also the new focus on food manufacturing sites having a robust food defence procedure in place, Elite Food Solutions are now offering training in TACCP & VACCP, Food Defence and Bioterrorism. It is expected that Food Business Operator’s (FBO’s) are aware of HACCP, crisis management and business continuity management principles and therefore have effective procedures in place.

The TACCP and VACCP vulnerability study will need to be integrated into the existing Food Safety Management System via the pre-requisite programme thus ensuring product safety and integrity. Critical areas such as site security, recruitment of staff, raw material purchasing looking at specific ingredients with a high propensity for adulteration will all be elucidated on and the use of PAS 96 (Defending food and drink) in your own food defence plan will be the common theme of this course.

PAS 96, (Defending food and drink) is the recognised publicly available standard which advises FBO’s how to design and implement the necessary controls to assure it’s customers that their products are safe and secure. PAS 96 focuses on the threats to the food and drink industry from ideologically motivated groups, criminals or individuals with a grudge who may wish to damage an organisation. The guidelines and workshop whereby groups attending the course are split into separate mini groups will explore the TACCP 15 step process so as to assess each risk given and reduce the risk to their business thus mitigating the consequences of an attack.

It is therefore imperative that a site’s TACCP team should comprise of representation from all areas of the multidisciplinary team such as maintenance, HR, production, technical, purchasing etc in this training seminar so as to give your site the best chance possible to negate the possibility of attack.