Facilitating Food Producers

Your food safety management system must be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. It’s the only way to address and prevent non-compliance issues and breaches of food safety legislation. Never has there been a more opportune time to get up to speed on food standards & auditing to ensure the audit process is sufficiently robust. The Food Industry is under immense pressure and scrutiny to deliver the highest safety and quality standards, with transparency being of utmost importance. All Food Business Operator’s (FBO’s) need to understand the requirements of a food safety management system including HACCP, understand food safety legislation in order to demonstrate that an FBO is legally compliant, understand the concept of risk assessment and how to document in an independent, objective and transparent manner. Each FBO will also┬áneed to understand the International Food Safety standards and how certification can be achieved.

At Elite Food Solutions we can help implement a system from scratch or develop your current policies, procedures and documents into a tangible framework which is simple to follow and easy to carry out by employees. Through internal audits, gap analysis, expert report writing encompassing the relevant legislation, we will help you to identify what you are doing well and address the areas that need strengthening.