Eating Burnt toast ‘may increase cancer risk’

Eating certain foods that have been cooked at high temperatures could be linked to cancer, according to Irish health officials. The danger foods include chips, toast, biscuits, crackers, crisps, breakfast cereals (except porridge), coffee, cooked pizza bases & cereal based baby foods.

When cooking at high temperatures (above 120 Degrees Celsius) a chemical compound forms called acrylamide and studies have shown that high levels of it can cause neurological damage and cancer. Acrylamide forms from the chemical reaction between some sugars and the amino acid asparagine, but the reaction is less likely when food is boiled, steamed or microwaved.

The Irish Food Safety Authority have said that people should only fry, roast, bake or toast starchy food until it is a golden yellow colour. A Senior policy advisor has said ‘,We’re not asking people to cut out certain foods. This is about reducing your overall lifetime risk through very simple steps.’